What workshop participants are saying about this team:

I went to the Wisdom of the Enneagram workshop as a professional seeking a solution to my yearning to combine therapy with spiritual healing.  I’ve been a licensed psychotherapist for 20 years and more recently have become interested in developing my
spiritual self.  My spiritual journey has been so important to me that I’ve traveled across the world in search of chances to discover my authentic higher nature.  As I began to get in touch with that true self, I wanted to help others in their spiritual quests.  Herein lay my dilemma–I am a psychotherapist not a spiritual adviser and I wanted to remain a therapist.  I vowed that I would not give up my profession nor my quest to integrate spirituality into my practice.  I learned about the workshop online and after reading about the Enneagram, I wanted to know more and committed to attend this workshop.

I went, I learned and I experienced.  Most importantly, I found what I had known I would someday be led to.  This workshop was my answer.  Roxanne Howe-Murphy and Ronna Phifer-Ritchie are wise, warm and knowledgeable facilitators.  So much of what they taughts was not only from Riso-Hudson, but also grew out of their own experience in working with the Enneagram.  The fact that they could really resonate with what they were delivering was quite apparent.  As they augmented their delivery with inviting us to explore together as a group, they provided an amazing environment for us to fully participate with ourselves and each other.  They worked wonderfully together while presenting a theory of personality development that spoke to my own experiential struggle to overcome this illusion of an ego-based life and embrace the reality of a spiritual one.  This workshop provided me with the tools for self-awareness and a hope for transformation.  I met myself at the divine level that I know I want to live and work from.  I look forward to taking future workshops with them.”
Mary Keown-Watkins, MA, MFT

“I attended a Wisdom of the Enneagram workshop in Burlingame, CA, led by Roxanne Howe-Murphy and Ronna Phifer-Ritchie. My initial reservations as to whether I would be able to grasp the concepts and “get anything out of this” soon vanished — these gals are awesome. I soon realized that the Enneagram is a powerful tool and Roxanne and Ronna know how to teach it. For me there were lots of “ah-ha” moments and by the end of the workshop I walked away feeling that this was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It has left my hungry for more.”
– Jan H, Bakersfield, CA

“Roxanne and Ronna offer a safe container in which to embrace and transform our Enneagram patterns. This is the most useful day-to-day application of Riso-Hudson Enneagram material. Thank you for leading us through the experience in such a thoughtful, loving way.”
– Brian Brieling, MFT

“Another well-structure workshop where theory and knowledge are well-balanced with experiential exercises, allowing me to fully embody the learning. Presence is a major theme during the workshop, which reiterates the impeccability of the teaching. There is a palpable commitment not only to pass on knowledge but also to transform each and every one of us. Tht is what I call huge work. I can sense my own transformation and growth, which bring me a sense of fulfillment besides giving me the certainty of having a better impact on my clients. Thank you!”
– Dr, Isabelle Lugo, DMD, CEC
Puerto Rico, USA

“What a wonderful class! THANKS A MILLION to two great women of growth, willing to lead the way for many.”
– Nancy Struck

“Ronna and Roxanne created a container by their presence which allowed for further presence to arise. The experience is very impactful. I appreciated the short exercise applications after material was presented. The repeated emphasis on the necessity of embodied awareness to the experience of presence is absolutely fundamental and deserves to be reinforced over and over, as it was.”
– Samuel Schindler

“This class was very full of insights regarding some of my lifelong patterns. In addition, my work requires a great deal of relationship management. This class gave me a lot of insight and tools to increase my effectiveness. Work will be pleased! And I am pleased! Thank you!”
– Celeste DeVaneaux

“Riso and Hudson are lucky to have you two teaching this work!”
– Dino Rufo

“I cannot say enough good things about the workshop. These are very exciting ideas, and I’m finding them immediately useful. Much joy and gratitude.”
– Susan Bishop

“This workshop took the message of the Enneagram to a deeper level.”
– Irma Velasquez

Beautiful connection between these two facilitators – resonates and flows with their powerful material. Thank you!
– Jan Conlon

“Thanks to both of you for modeling your humanity – strengths, vulnerabilities and sharing of your personal and spiritual growth. I look forward to attending future workshops.”
– Nancy Struck

“You two provide an excellent pairing as teachers. Thank you for holding the group with all its differing needs. The Levels are an incredibly valuable aspect of learning about all of the Types in each of us.”
– Judith Forrest

“Roxanne and Ronna are very skillful at leading the discussions and bringing out the best in people.”
– Jennifer Bulik

“I have been familiar with Enneagram work through books and my own study. I was not able to bring the material alive in any way that was usable. This workshop with Roxanne and Ronna brought the material to life. They were masterful at presenting a huge amount of knowledge in a way that was lucid, clean, and accessible. In addition, the experiential nature of the workshop went far beyond anything you could ever read in a book!”
– Ruth Oprean Cardillo

“With the depth of this material, it has been extremely helpful to have two guides such as Ronna and Roxanne to guide me through the places where I went unconscious. Just reading about this doesn’t work as well. Thank you for helping me to remember who I really am.”
– Doreen Coyne

“Studying the Enneagram is hugely helpful in having insight, compassion, and tools for being on this human journey. Roxanne and Ronna presented a lot of complex work with clarity and heart.”
– Maria Cristini

“When I identified my dominant instinctual nature, it opened up so much for me and I sunk into the place of liberation. Roxanne and Ronna have a very welcoming style, and did a super job of holding space for the group. I found it very helpful to be guided to get into my body throughout the workshop.”

– R. Picchi

“I’d love to take another retreat with you..
-Suzanne Stewart

the “live” Enneagram that developed on the floor, linking us all. Hearing the finest traits of each type and seeing the candles lit was a moving summary interweaving the elements of the Enneagram throughout the weekend.

The wisdom of the Enneagram has enriched my life considerably. Hooray for Riso and Hudson, and Howe-Murphy and Phifer-Ritchie. Very well done!

“Roxanne and Ronna bring great knowledge, wisdom, experience and sensitivity to the task of teaching others about the Enneagram.  They take a hugely complex topic and break it down into manageable pieces.  There is a grace and light from both teachers.  I am thankful to have been a pupil.”

- Andrea McGhee

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